Color Metal Navision implementation

Color Metal Navision implementation

As most of You probably knows, our huge NAVISION implementation project in Color Metal is in Production since 2019 January 1. We are in the 4rd month of being Live, we are closing the significant number of change requests appeared in Go Live phase together with ongoing accounting open issues and reporting staff. The project imlementation was really started on 2018 May based on a GAP Analysis which was prepared in scope of another project during year 2018. 

The project was mainly contracted by Magic Solutions and was implemented with deep implication of two subcontractors:

  • Magic Solutions (article and client base data, purchasing and sales process, production / stock management, invoicing) 
  • IT Solutions (project management, sales frontend)
  • Brinel (accounting / finanical, production gap's)

By this post, I would like to Thank You for the all involved team:

  • Bogdan Castaliu: project management
  • Szőcs Apollónia: business and system analyst
  • Kovács Zoltán: senior developer 
  • Szász Győző: system analyst / developer
  • György Botond: developer