This week, in Bucharest, the 4 heads of Moldova Agro Ind Bank (Cash Department Head, Cash Department Vice, Operational Department, IT Department) have participated on a reference visit of Magic Solutions at G4 headquarter. The Moldova Agro Ind Bank is the largest bank in the Republic of Moldova looking to introduce a cash management system. We have also been invited to their tender and we are currently shortlisted in competition with a company from the Republic of Belarus. The main meeting was in G4S’ headquarter, where Robert Sanda (IT Director) and Silviu Stan (Cash DPt Manager) presented our systems in details and made a very positive statement about our services! I was / I'm a glad of Magic! 🙂

OTP and BCR also helped us, they were visited by Moldova Agro Ind Bank’s team, and both received a positive feed-back about the Magic team. We are confident and hope we will win this deal!