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“I feel quite inspired among such experts”
15 September 2022
Some of our colleagues are working together with Katinka Illés on the Wizzair project. She is from Abesse, so we asked about her impressions about the Magic team.  Will you please introduce yourself? My name is Katinka Illés, and I have been working as a Scrum Master for 6 years. I gained my experiences in various fields, such as automotive, insurance, custom software development, e-commerce and public administration. Beside serving as a Scrum Master, in the last 2 years I provided services as a Business Coach as well, mostly at IT companies. How did you find us, the Magic team? Actually, I did not find you, but I won you! When I had started the cooperation with WizzAir last November, the Team I was assigned to consisted of software engineers by Magic and other contractors. What was your first impression about the team? I was quite surprised and happy at the same time. The project itself was quite chaotic, and let’s say turbulent because of its special characteristics – lots of Vendors, new technologies, short deadlines and the online space we worked in only. So my Team had to be really proactive with a heads-up, straightforward working attitude, which was not always easy in such an unpredictable environment. But I felt super proud of them – the way they faced and solved the problems, the never-give-up way of thinking shall be a role model for everyone. How would you describe your relationship with the Magic team? Although we have never met face to face, so our collaboration happens only via Teams, I think we managed to work together quite well. I like that everyone finds communication very important, so even in the hardest time we can talk about problems, concerns and difficulties and in the end the solutions of course. Learning and self-development is also the top „feature” of our team, everyone is willing to pay attention to become better and better day-by-day as we develop our project. So I would say, I feel quite inspired among such experts, and I have the hope for the future that we will close the project with noticeable success here, at WizzAir.
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15 September 2022
Estate Apps has niched in the property industry for over 12 years and actively work with 180+ estate and letting agencies across the UK, from start-ups all the way through to well-established brands.  It's not been easy building a reputation in an industry traditionally serviced by brands that have been around for many years and have substantial marketing budgets but our core principles have always been the same: A solid focus on delivering a high-quality product and a service to go along with it. A fair price. A constant drive for better. We've been very lucky along the way, in picking up certain clients that constantly strive for new ideas / features and push the boundaries of their own business in their local areas. These agents are part of our “core group” and have really helped grow our platform into what it is today. We’ve never done much in the way of marketing or sales - literally all our business is driven by word-of-mouth and the power of social proof!  We've always been passionate about reviews and honestly, don't spend much time talking about how good we are. Preferring simply to direct people to check out the quality of our work (in recent launches) and our 250+ 5* Google Reviews - that speaks volumes. We've also been fortunate to win one of the property industries top supplier awards, The ESTAS, 4 years in a row! And we’ve just been nominated for our 5th which is taking place at the end of 2022. This past year, we’re proud to have achieved certified Carbon Neutral status to ensure we’re doing our bit for the environment around us.  As Estate Apps grows older, we’ll never forget our humble beginnings and where a lot of businesses around us just seem to become stale over time, we continuously evolve with personal service at the heart of everything we do. That’s the story so far, but in reality, we’ve only just got started…

DigitalizatiON a new level - DONE, for
05 August 2022
Magic Solutions it’s been one of the biggest IT companies of Csíkszereda since 2003. Our activities mainly focused on the business/banking sector, we are working together with more than 50 colleagues. Because our head office is located in Miercurea Ciuc we’ve decided to benefit from our almost two decades of experience here, at home. What better way to do this than having the main role in our city’s digitalisation? As it has turned out, this is not as easy as we imagined. In the first half of the project we started with a big boost: the goal was to create a modern, but simple and user-friendly website we can be proud of as residents of Miercurea Ciuc and Szeklerland.   In order to do this we cast our votes to a spectacular webpage following the example of several foreign big cities instead of much hard-to-understand information. Thus the user experience, the convenience, the spectacular appearance were emphasized, where information is simply found by the user. We are very pleased that this new, modern, mobile-friendly approach is being accepted and liked by the city council. In our cooperation weáve developed a very good team, where we would both highlight the professional work of the city hall: their technical support and content management, and the committed attitude of the city council’s leadership. All these helped us to carry out this task mentioned at the beginning enthusiastically, but with a lot of patience and understanding needed to remove red tape. The hard part for the city hall comes later - after the major mentioned - the complete operations, the full interactions with the population is going to be digitalised for we can compete with the big cities, and for the inhabitants can reach everything with a single button-press. years in the digital world - that’s how long the previous website lived - is a lot of time, we don’t wish such a long life, but we want a dynamic, always new and modern, constantly renewable future for the Let’s have Miercurea Ciuc’ s virtual image as dynamic as the city’s entertaining life in the last few months, when the festivals, cultural and sport events followed each other. Why wouldn’t the whole world know about this entertaining life? That’s why are we here, and if the position of the stars desires too, we will continue to build the digital version of Miercurea Ciuc and Szeklerland real life: the