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Our Awarded App - The ParkUpKeep
20 May 2022
The world of High Rope Courses, Climbing Forests and Adventure Parks is characterized by a permanent discussion about safety and sustainability. There are a multitude of safety systems and building techniques that are constantly developing. To maintain these equipment can be very challenging especially with all the recurring checkups which are done mostly even nowadays on Excel and paper and it’s nearly impossible for the management team to have a complete overview.  ParkUpKeep is not a static program but is in line with the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle that we believe is necessary, which encourages a permanent focus on safety. In the last two years we spent more than 5000 hours on the research and development of the application, there is still space for improvements and we are working closely with Adventure Parks to get more feedback and to have a better product. Our application is used in Adventure Parks in Austria, Netherlands and in the United Kingdom, and in November of 2019 won the “Best IT-Solution” IAPA (International Adventure Park Association) Award. by Sándor Csatlós
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The future of Magic with Milav on the board
20 May 2022
This year we are taking a huge jump, the biggest in the life of our company. We decided to merge with another IT company: Milav, from Székelyudvarhely and Cahul. We are in the process to integrate a team of 18 professionals and exceed the magical number to 50 teammates.  We - the two companies - already know each other, but let's emphasize the synergies between the two teams: Milav is coming with professional front-end developers, completing the Magic’s strong back-end team. Milav is coming with DevOps and designer competencies that were missing from Magic in the past few years. The Milav Admin team will help us in the gap left by some colleagues leaving. Milav is coming with important foreing customers (UK, Netherland), complementing our list of references - and we can continue ….  Some facts changed with this merge: now we have customers from Romania, Hungary, Moldavia, UK, Netherland and Slovakia; solutions and services for financial markets, real estate market, airway companies, commerciants, service providers and startups; references like Erste Group, OTP Group, WizzAir, Brinks, Uniprest (Ro), MAIB (Md), ARSIS-Vodafone (Ro) , Color Metal (ro), Estate Apps (UK). We have some promising start-ups:, SalesBridge, ParkUpKeep.  We reorganize activities in 6 teams that create value and 4 teams that should serve them to operate. Each team have a project and a development manager. All administrative activities are migrated to Atllasian products (Jira, BitBucket…. ) and we are creating our resource planning and financials in Airtable with a high level real time integration.   I will close again with my personal feelings - Our teams, our management is more powerful and experienced and structured now as ever, our cash flow is comfortably positive, our plans and contracted services are the best ever! So we are ready for a more successful period and for our 20th anniversary we are going to consolidate our position as the most important tech company of our region. Good luck to our team! by Attila Rácz

"We see Magic as an Integral Part of Our Success"
20 May 2022
1. Will you please introduce yourself? I am Mukul Pal. I run a fin-tech company which builds automated intelligent investment portfolios. 2. What is your relation with Eastern-Europe and the Eastern European countries? I came from India to Romania in 2004 on a personal trip and decided to stay back. Since then I set up a company and started consulting institutions and individuals on investments. I have worked with Central Eastern European banks and other regional institutions. Romania is home for me. 3. How did you find Magic Solutions in Miercurea Ciuc? I had heard about this company, which was supporting a lot of technology innovation in the region and naturally was intrigued to find out and seek a partnership that could assist our startup. Attila Rácz had a great industry reputation and after meeting with him, it became clear that we had a competent team that could build and maintain things for us while we focused on research and development. 4. How would you describe your relationship with the Magic team? I trust the Magic team for their competence, critical thinking and problem solving. They not only took our legacy systems and strengthened them, they also built new elements of tech and are currently bringing our new application to life. A team with organizational culture deeply rooted in striving for efficiency is hard to find in today's world. After a few visits to Miercurea Ciuc to meet the team, I felt as a part of an extended family. 5. What was your first impression about the team? Romania is not very extroverted, especially smaller cities like Miercurea Ciuc. People are shy and take time to open up. 6. Tell me a little bit more about your future plan with Magic Solutions We see Magic as an integral part of our success. Any future rounds of investments for us involve technology, infrastructure and development. We want to build more with Magic and build a global organization that can create innovative disruption.

Annual lookback
23 December 2020
20 was a big challenge for everyone. A challenge to adapt to a new situation has taught us to pay more attention to each other, to better appreciate everyone and everything around us. Thus, we also realized the importance of human relationships not only with colleagues but also with our clients. This year has taught us to look for solutions to situations we have not encountered so far. We have learned that online work also bears fruit, we have learned to treat each other with much more patience and adaptation in this way, we have learned to work with our children 😊 Despite all the changes, we feel that we coped well the obstacles and we had a successful year compared to the new situation. A brief business summary of the year of 2020: • Our support team performed outstandingly this year as well, despite the distance, we successfully completed all our support projects, as before. We will continue to strive to manage these projects with great care in the future too. Thanks to the support team for their work. • We have successfully submitted several EU projects, which we look forward to hearing from them and we appreciate a lot our team for their hard work. • Our skillful project team managed to launch several new projects: MAIB - Cash management, Uniprest Instal - Digital Advisory project, Streamerse - streaming platform, Alphablock - development project, we had several projects for our KPEye product, we also created several new platforms for our new clients We can say that we are closing the year with satisfaction, we are waiting for the next year with many novelties and new plans. We wish for all our colleagues, existing and new clients a happy holiday and a successful 2021.