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We took complex corporate management know-how and we have translated it into a mobile game that helps small business owners access key performance indicators, understant them and plan the growth of their companies in a playful manner.

Trezor Cash Management

The Trezor Integrated Software System is a solution developed to support the everyday operations of a Cash Processing and CIT business profile company. The system covers the order management, cash processing and transport routing and monitoring parts of business through highly integrated components. One of the application’s strong points is being robust, supporting high activity multiple branches, even with different localization, through very simplified workflows with the possibility of standalone or centralized reporting based on an internal data replication system.

Clockworks IT System

The Clockworks IT System is an Integrated Management System especially for service providing companies through highly customizable workflows. The objectives of the system:

To improve organizational efficiency focusing on the insufficiencies of the management system.
Is a complex IT system based on the modules system construction according to the business processes – the order processing, the service requests, sales orders and contracts are easy to follow based on cost/performance.


This word summarizes our strong know-how and the technological innovation that we acquired as a result of assisting the Financial Industry in their transition from ‘traditional operational models’ to ‘successful, digitally empowered business models’.

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