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Java, JavaScript,
Mobile devs, Oracle,
Sys architects and
Security Paranoids.

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System Analyst,
Client Relationship, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop,
Thinkers, Designers and

We speak your

  • I like the flexible working hours and the frequency of the professional trainings. Also, I find the working atmosphere very dynamic and friendly.

    Huba – Senior Customer Support Consultant

  • I like working at Magic because I always learn something new so I never get bored. There is always somebody who comes up with a new joke and the people can perfectly work together as a team.

    Apollónia – Junior Customer Support Consultant

  • I like working at Magic because I can learn a lot of new things, I can develop myself, my colleagues are helpful. And the mood is always good.

    István – Junior Developer

  • I like working at Magic because I enjoy the variety of tasks, the developing possibilities and also the good team.

    Zoli – Senior developer

  • Magic always gives me possibility for developing and elaborating new technologies.

    Gábor – Senior Architect

  • Because there is more #Magic than in the Grimm tales.

    Lehel – Junior Developer

  • I like to collaborate with Magic Solutions because it always offers new opportunities.

    Attila – Developer

  • I like being an employee at Magic Solutions because I can always work in a happy environment with nice and helpful people.

    Zsolt – Junior developer, junior sales titan

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